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110V Single / Three Phase MPPT VFD Solar Inverter for Agricultural Irrigation

Product Details

Place of Origin: Shenzhen China

Brand Name: ZK

Certification: CE/ISO

Model Number: SG600

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1Unit

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: standard exported carton

Delivery Time: 7-14 working days

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C

Supply Ability: 6000pcs per month

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Product Details
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110V MPPT VFD Solar Inverter


Three Phase MPPT VFD Solar Inverter


Agricultural MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Inverter
Model Number:
Output Current:
Output Frequency:
Output Type:
Agricultural Irrigation
Control Mode:
Motor Type:
Asynchronous Machine
Solar Pump Inverter
Model Number:
Output Current:
Output Frequency:
Output Type:
Agricultural Irrigation
Control Mode:
Motor Type:
Asynchronous Machine
Product Description

110V 220V Single Phase three phase MPPT PMSM Solar Pump Inverter Solar Controller




Built-in MPPT
Solar Pump Inverter maximum power point tracking (MPPT) functionality guarantees the system

get the most power output from solar panel and maximizes the efficiency of pumping system.

Monitoring System
With the optional GPRS modules, monitor and control drive and adjust parameters via computer.

Best Off-grid Solution
For off-grid area, solar pump inverter without battery is the best solution for agricultural irrigation.

Professional Pump Protection
Automatic start and stop in the morning, for full tank and water shortage in the well.

110V Single / Three Phase MPPT VFD Solar Inverter for Agricultural Irrigation 0


Model List


Series Model Rate current (A) Rated Power(KW) DC input range(VDC) Best Voc input(VDC) Output voltage(VAC) Package size (mm)
  1S typee: 80 to 450VDC or 110VAC input, 3 Phase 0-220VAC ouptut,Recommend Vmp155VDC, Voc 350VDC
0.75-1.5kw SG600-0K75GB-1S-M 7A 0.75KW 80-450 180 110-220 143*86*114
SG600-1K5GB-1S-M 10A 1.5KW 80-450 180 110-220 143*86*114
  2S typee: 100/150 to 450VDC or 220VAC input, 3 Phase 0-220VAC ouptut,Recommend Vmp310VDC, Voc 372VDC
0.75-4.0kw SG600-0K75GB-2S-M 7A 0.75KW 100-450 372 220 143*86*114
SG600-1K5GB-2S-M 7A 1.5KW 100-450 372 220 143*86*114
SG600-2K2GB-2S-M 10A 2.2KW 100-450 372 220 143*86*114
SG600-4K0GB-2S 16A 4.0KW 100-450 372 220 315*235*253
  4T type, 250/350to 800VDC or 380VAC input, 3 Phase 0-380VAC ouptut,Recommend Vmp540VDC, Voc 660VDC
0.75kw-500kw SG600-0K7GB-4T 2.5A 0.75KW 250-800 650 380 252*195*230
SG600-1K5GB-4T 3.7A 1.5KW 250-800 650 380 252*195*230
SG600-2K2GB-4T 5A 2.2KW 250-800 650 380 252*195*230
SG600-4K0GB-4T 10A 4.0KW 250-800 650 380 252*195*230
SG600-5K5GB-4T 13A 5.5KW 250-800 650 380 315*235*253
SG600-7K5GB-4T 17A 7.5KW 250-800 650 380 315*235*253
SG600-011GB-4T 25A 11KW 250-800 650 380 315*235*253
SG600-015GB-4T 32A 15KW 250-800 650 380 395*295*275
SG600-018GB-4T 37A 18KW 250-800 650 380 395*295*275
SG600-022GB-4T 45A 22KW 250-800 650 380 395*295*275
SG600-030GB-4T 60A 30KW 250-800 650 380 605*335*305
SG600-037GB-4T 75A 37KW 250-800 650 380 605*335*305
SG600-045GB-4T 90A 45kw 250-800 650 380 710*410*480
SG600-055GB-4T 110A 55KW 250-800 650 380 710*410*480
SG600-075GB-4T 150A 75KW 250-800 650 380 750*470*480
SG600-093GB-4T 170A 93 KW 250-800 650 380 750*470*480
SG600-110GB-4T 210A 110KW 250-800 650 380 750*470*480
SG600-132GB-4T 260A 132KW 250-800 650 380 750*470*480
SG600-160GB-4T 320A 160KW 250-800 650 380 930*620*530
SG600-185GB-4T 360A 185KW 250-800 650 380 930*620*530
SG600-200GB-4T 400A 200KW 250-800 650 380 930*620*530
SG600-220GB-4T 430A 220KW 250-800 650 380 930*620*530


Technical Specification


Input voltage range DC 80-400V for 1S model, 3PH 110 to 220VAC output
DC 150-450V for 2T  model input, 3PH 220 to 240VAC output
DC250-900V for 4T input, 3PH 380 to 460VAC output
Recommended input voltage (Voc and Vmmp) Voc 180(VDC), Vmpp 155(VDC) for 1S model or 110V AC pumps
Voc 355(VDC), Vmpp 310(VDC) for 2T model or 220V AC pumps
Voc 620(VDC), Vmpp 540(VDC) for 4T model or 380V AC pump
Motor type Control for permanent magnet servo motor and asynchronous motor pumps.
Input power DC power from solar arrays or AC grid power
Maximum DC power input 450VDC for 220-240VAC output /900VDC for 380-460VAC output
Rated output voltage 3-phase , 110V/160V/220V. 3-phase, 220V/240V/380V/460V/480V
Output frequency range 0~50/60Hz
MPPT efficiency 97%,
Ambient temperature range (G-type inverter with submersible pumps, and P type for general pumps.
Solar pump control special performance MPPT ( maximum power point tracking), CVT (constant voltage tracking), auto/manual operation,
dry run protection, low stop frequency protection, minimum power input, motor maximum
current protection, flow calculating, energy generated calculating
Protection function Phase loss protection, phase short circuit protection , ground to phase circuit protection , input
and output short circuit protection. Stall protection
Protection degree IP20, Air force cooling
Running mode MPPT , CVT, variable frequency mode
Altitude Below 1000m; above 1000m, derated 1% for every additional 100m.





1. How to choose the power of the solar pumping inverter?
According to your motor power, you can click "Chat Now" on the right and our sales staff will provide you with solutions online.
2. Do you support urgent orders?
of course. We have an ERP management system. Once there is an inventory warning,
we will prepare materials in advance to meet the urgent needs of customers
3. What is the standard of package?
Below 30kw, it's carton package; 37kw and above,it's wooden package.
4. What voltage range can you support?

DC 70-450V input, AC 110V/220V output

DC250-800V input, AC 380V output

DC 250-900V input, AC 480V output

5. If there is no sun at night, can I switch solar panel input to mains power?
We have solutions for AC/DC switching cabinets. For details, please contact us for sales.
6. About the terminal instructions of the solar pumping inverter?
R, S, T are input terminals of three-phase power supply of frequency converter.
U, V, W are output terminals of frequency converter, and connected three-phase asynchronous motor
P+ and PB are connected to the brake unit, P+ and P- are connected to DC (solar panel)
7. Do you accept OEM business?
We accept OEM and ODM with your autherization.


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