• SU10 SU100 4kw 400KW Solar Pump Controller VFD 220V Solar Inverter
  • SU10 SU100 4kw 400KW Solar Pump Controller VFD 220V Solar Inverter
SU10 SU100 4kw 400KW Solar Pump Controller VFD 220V Solar Inverter

SU10 SU100 4kw 400KW Solar Pump Controller VFD 220V Solar Inverter

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZK
Certification: CE IEC
Model Number: su10

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: 70usd to 20000usd
Packaging Details: paper cartons package
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000pcs per month
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Detail Information

Su10 Power Rated: 220V 0.75kw To 4kw Su100 Power Rated: 380V 0.75kw To 400kw
MPPT Efficiency: Up To 99.8% Fast Speed Drop Functoin: Speed Drop Fast When Weak Power Input
Pumps Protection: Over Current, Over Voltage, Phase Missing, Low Speed Remote Control: Visa Gprs Or WIFI
Timer Function: External Timer Card Display: One Line LED And Two Line LED
High Light:

SU10 4kw Solar Pump Controller VFD


SU100 400KW Solar Pump Controller VFD


SU10 VFD 220V Solar Inverter

Product Description

su10 su100 solar pump inverter MPPT 220V 380V solar pump drive pumps VFD


SU10/SU100 series solar pump inverters is a low voltage pumps inverter of0.3 to 400KW above rating designed to operate with energy drawn from solar panel or photovoltaic cells (PV).

The inverters is customized to operate in dual supply mode (Ac and DC), so the grid connected supply is used in the absence of energy from PV cells. This drive functions with the latest in technology maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm to derive maximum power from the PV cells at any instant.

Su10 su100 solar pump inverter features

  • Ti ‘s 32 bit DSP ( 28034/35), Germany Infineon intelligent modules;
  • Enhanded and 4 layer PCB design PCB wire corssing
  • Low temperature rising design with delta fans
  • Good quality components selecting,
  • Independent cooling duct for lower temperature rising.
  • Control mode: VF for induction motor pumps, open loop vector control for PMSM high speed pumps
  • MPPT function: always performance MPPT for gain highest efficiency
  • CVT: When sunlight is good, can select CVT control for excellent stable frequency output.
  • Dry run function: When little water or no water for pumping to protect pumps.
  • Maximum current protection: set maximum current protection is available
  • Minimum solar input power: When low power input, inverter no work
  • Stop frequency: Lower than stop frequency, inverter no work
  • Sleep mode: if lower than sleep voltage, inverter go to sleep, it will wake up when DC voltage rise.
  • Flow and generated energy calculating and monitoring
  • A lot of fault protection. Short circuit, ground short circuit, phase loss, over current, overheat…
  • Built in RS485 interface, it is easy to connect GPRS remote controller.
  • Two line LED is option. 


SU100 technical specifications

Item Specification
Power input Voltage,frequency

D1/S1: 90V DC to 400V DC or 110V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

D2/S2:150V DC to 450V DC or 220V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

D3/T3: 250V DC to 750V DC or 380V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

D5/D5: 350V DC to 900V DC or 480V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

Allowable fluctuations voltage unbalance rate:<3%; Frequency:±5%; aberration rate: as IEC61800-2 required
Power factor ≥0.94(with DC reactor)
Efficiency ≥96%
  MPPT efficiency ≥99.6%
Output Output voltage Output under rated condition: 3 phase, 0~input voltage, inaccuracy<5%
Output frequency range G type:0~600Hz
Output frequency accuracy Max frequency ±0.5%
Overload capacity G type: 150% rated current/1 min, 180% rated current/10s, 200% rated current/0.5s
Main control performance Motor control mode V/F without PG , VC without PG , VC with PG
Speed control range Vector control without PG, rated load 1:100;Vector control with PG, rated load 1:1000;
Steady speed accuracy

VC without PG: ≤2% rated synchronized speed;

VC with PG: ≤0.05% rated synchronized speed

Starting torque

VC without PG: when 0.5Hz, 150% rated torque;

VC with PG: when 0Hz, 200% rated torque

Torque response

VC without PG: ≤20ms;

VC with PG: ≤10ms.

Frequency accuracy

Digit setting: max frequency×±0.01%;

Analog setting: max frequency×±0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz;

Analog setting: maximum frequency × 0.05%
















basic functions

DC braking capacity

Starting frequency:0.00~50.00Hz; Braking time:0.0~60.0s;

Braking current:0.0~150.0% rated current

Torque boost capacity

Auto torque upgrade 0.0%~100.0%;

Manual torque upgrade 0.0%~30.0%

V/F curve 4 modes: one linearity torque characteristic curve ,one self-setting V/F curve mode, one drop torque characteristic curve (1.1- 2.0 powers),and square V/F curve mode.
Acceleration/Deceleration curve

2 modes: linear Acceleration/Deceleration and S curve Acceleration/Deceleration.

4 sets of ACC/DEC, time unit 0.01s selectable, longest time: 650.00s.

Rated output voltage Rely on power supply voltage compensate function, while motor rated voltage is 100%, set it at the range of 50-100%(output can not over input voltage).
Voltageauto-adjustment While power supply voltage fluctuates, it can auto-keep constant output voltage.
Auto energy-saving running While under V/F control mode, according to load situation, auto-optimize output voltage to save energy.
Standard functions PID control, speed track, power off restart, jump frequency, upper/lower frequency limit control, program operation, multi- speed, RS485, analog output, frequency impulse output.
Frequency setting channels Keyboard digital setting, keyboard potentiometer ,Analog voltage/current terminal AI1,AI2, Communication given and multi-channel terminal selection,Main and auxiliary channel combination, expansion card, supporting different modes switch.
Feedback input channel

Voltage/Current Terminal AI1, Voltage/Current Terminal AI12, Communication

given, pulse input X5.

Running command channel Operation panel given,external terminal given, communication given, expansion card given.
Input command signal Start, stop, FWD/REV, JOG, multi-step speed, reset, ACC/DEC time selection, frequency given channel selection, exterior fault alarm.
Protective function Overvoltage, under-voltage, current limit, over-current, overload, electric thermal relay, overheat, overvoltage stall, data protection, rapid speed protection, input/output phase failure protection.
Environment Install place altitude ≤ 1000m,above 1000m down the rated amount, each increase of 100m down the ratedmount of 1%;no condensation, ice ,rain, snow, hail; solar radiation below 700W/㎡, air pressure 70-106 kPa.
Temperature, humidity -10 ~ + 50 ℃, derating above 40 ℃, maximum temperature 60 ℃ (no-load operation)5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Vibration When 9~200Hz, 5.9m/s2(0.6g)
Storage temperature -30 ~+60℃
Protection grade IP20
Cooling method Forced air cooling


SU100 solar pupm inverter models list 

Inverter models Rated power
Rated current
( A)
G.W (Kgs) packaged size (mm)
SU10-2S mini, 150-450VDC input, 3 phase 0-220V output
SU10-2S0.75GB 0.75 4A 1.20 182*145*72
SU10-2S1.5GB 1.5 4A 1.20 182*145*72
SU10-2S2.2GB 2.2 7A 1.20 182*145*72
SU10-4T mini, 350-800VDC input, 3phase 0- 380V output
SU10-4T0.75GB 0.75 10A 1.20 182*145*72
SU10-4T1.5GB 1.5 2.5A 1.20 182*145*72
SU10-4T2.2GB 2.2 3.7A 1.20 182*145*72
SU10-4T4.0GB 4 8.5A 1.30 182*145*72
SU10-4T, 350-800VDC input, 3phase 0- 380V output
SU100-T3-R75G/1R5P-B 0.75/1.5 3/4 1.46 kg 236*138*187mm
SU100-T3-1R5G/2R2P-B 1.5/2.2 4/6 1.49 kg
SU100-T3-2R2G/004P-B 2.2/4 6/9.2 1.51 kg
SU100-T3-004G/5R5P-B 4/ 5.5 9.2/13 2.32 kg 276*155*200mm
SU100-T3-5R5G/7R5P-B 5.5 / 7.5 13/17 2.36 kg
SU100-T3-7R5G/011P-B 7.5/ 11 17/25 2.38 kg
SU100-T3-011G/015P-B 11/15 25/32 3.65 kg 321*176*215mm
SU100-T3-015G/018P-B 15 / 18 32/37 3.75 kg
SU100-T3-018G/022P-B 18 / 22 37/45 6.28 kg 407*227*272mm
SU100-T3-022G/030P-B 22 / 30 45/60 6.35 kg
SU100-T3-030G/037P 30 / 37 60/75 13.28 kg 517*272*327mm
SU100-T3-037G/045G 37 / 45 75/90 13.32 kg
SU100-T3-045G/055P 45 / 55 90/112   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-055G/075P 55 / 75 112/150   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-075G/093P 75 / 93 150/176   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-093G/110P 93 / 110 176/210   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-110G/132P 110 / 132 210/253   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-132G/160P 132 / 160 253/304   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-160G/185P 160 / 185 304/340   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-185G/200P 185 / 200 340/377   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-200G/220P 200 / 220 377/426   metal mounting cover
SU100-T3-220G/250P 220 / 250 426/465   metal mounting cover


SU100 good hardware design for long service long working. 


SU10 SU100 4kw 400KW Solar Pump Controller VFD 220V Solar Inverter 0


SU10 SU100 4kw 400KW Solar Pump Controller VFD 220V Solar Inverter 1


SU10 and su100 solar pump inverter Operation Guidance


1) Wiring:

Confirmed the solar pump inverter selecting if suitable for pump. The rated current of inverter must be bigger than rated current of pumps.

Selecting correct solar arrays for inverter. The Vmp should be 310VDC for 220VAC pump, 540Vmp for 380VAC pump.

And total power of solar arrays must be larger 1.3 times of AC pumps.

Correct connect P+ terminals to positive pole of solar panel, P- (N) to negative pole of solar panels. Otherwise it will cause inverter damage. ( It also can connect DC solar power to R and T and no need distinguish poles of panels)

Connect motor wire and ground wire to corresponding U, V, W, E terminals.


2).Parameters setting and trial run:

Set F0-01 to 0, F0-02 for 0, and F0-09, F0-11, F0-14, F0-15 parameters setting according to application site.

Set pumps parameters according to nameplate of pump in F5-00, F5-01, F5-02, F5-03, F5-04, F5-05 parameters.

Set solar pump MPPT mode FE-00 for 0002, PE05 , PE06 and PE07 parameters use to change the MPPT gain.

Press RUN button for trail running, and confirm the motor running direction.


3) Common problems and solutions

a, Q:Well-lit conditions, the pump is running, but the water is very small.

A:Check if the pump motor direction is reversed.

b, Q:Well-lit conditions, the drive is in standby mode 0.00Hz.

A:Check C-29, observe what protection status is the drive in currently, check whether the parameters set is reasonable.

c, Q:DC current is incorrectly displayed.

A:Adjust FE-33 ,FE-34 for calibration.

d, Q:Well-lit conditions,frequencysevere beating during operation.

A:PE05, PE06 and FE-07 parameters can use to adjust output frequency stability.

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