• 3 Phase 0.75kw MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter DC To AC Inverter
3 Phase 0.75kw MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter DC To AC Inverter

3 Phase 0.75kw MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter DC To AC Inverter

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZK
Certification: CE
Model Number: SG320-0K75GB-2S-M

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD0-100/Piece
Packaging Details: Export carton package
Delivery Time: 1-3 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, CASH, Paypal
Supply Ability: 1000unit per day
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Detail Information

Output Voltage: 0-220vac Output Frequency: 0-60Hz
Input Voltage: 90-450vdc Weight: 1.5kg
Size: 178*133*150 Type: Solar Pump Inverter
Output Type: 3Phase Or Single Phase Output Current: 4A
Output Power: 0.75kw Warranty: 24 Months
High Light:

0.75kw MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter


4A MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter


60Hz DC To AC Inverter

Product Description

Dc to ac inverter 3 phase variador solar 0.75kw solar inverter water mppt



SG320 series solar pump inveter adpts MPPT and excellent motor drive technology to maximize the power output from solar panels. ZK inverters are compatible with both AC and DC input, and The AC output can be used for various kinds of normal AC pumps. When the solar power is not available, or the sunshine is not strong enoth to drive the pump, the inverter could be automatically switched to single phase or three hase AC input power, such as generator, grid power.


Good performance
*MPPT is the abbreviation of Maximum Power Point Tracking (maximum power point tracking). The MPPT controller detects the voltage generated by a solar panel in real time and tracks the highest voltage and current (VI), allowing the system to charge the battery with maximum efficiency. Solar inverters play an important role in the PV system, coordinating the work of solar panels, batteries and loads. They are an indispensable component of the PV system.

*Software unique MPPT algorithm through the controller can detect real-time solar panel voltage regulation output frequency, fast dynamic response, and the motor is always working at the maximum power point, so that the solar photovoltaic panels to achieve the maximum economic efficiency.

*Software increases the keyboard encoder resolution setting function, a variety of resolutions can be selected. It's convenient for the user to operate and use.

*The main power of frequency inverter can either use for solar PV DC power can be single phase, three phase ac power , simple wiring , It truly multi-power working mode. expanding the practical application of the inverter; wide voltage design, The inverter In the higher and lower voltage can still work stably, Product has strong adaptability.


3 Phase 0.75kw MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter DC To AC Inverter 0





SG320 solar pump inverter model list:
SN Models Rate current Output voltage ( VAC) Applicable for pumps External of drive size(mm) MPPT voltage (VDC) Weight
Mini type 1S series : Vmp154VDC or 110VAC input, 0-110VAC output
1* SG320-0K75GB-1S-M 7A 0-110VAC 0.75KW 143*86*114 154 1
2* SG320-1K5GB-1S-M 8.5A 0-110VAC 1.5KW 185*125*159 154 2.5
Mini type 2S series : Vmp 310VDC or 220VAC input, 1/3 phase 0-220VAC output  
1 SG100-0K75GB-2S 4A 0-220VAC 0.75KW 170*110*70 310 1
2 SG320-0K75GB-2S-M 4A 0-220VAC 0.75KW 143*86*114 310 1
3 SG320-1K5GB-2S-M 7A 0-220VAC 1.5KW 143*86*114 310 1
Mini type 4T series: Vmp540 to 650VDC or 380 to 460VAC input, 3 phase 0-380/460VAC output  
4 SG320-0K7GB-4T-M 2.5A 0-380/460V 0.75KW 143*86*114 540/650 1
5 SG320-1K5GB-4T-M 3.7A 0-380/460V 1.5KW 143*86*114 540/650 1
6 SG320-2K2GB-4T-M 5A 0-380/460V 2.2KW 143*86*114 540/650 1
General type 2S series: Vmp 310VDC or 220VAC input, 1/3 phase 0-220VAC output  
7 SG320-0K7GB-2S 4A 0-220VAC 0.75KW 185*125*159 310 2
8 SG320-1K5GB-2S 7A 0-220VAC 1.5KW 185*125*159 310 2
9 SG320-2K2GB-2S 10A 0-220VAC 2.2KW 185*125*159 310 2.5
10 SG320-4K0GB-2S 16A 0-220VAC 4.0KW 245*150*177 310 3.5
General type 4T series: Vmp540 to 650VDC or 380 to 460VAC input, 3 phase 0-380/460VAC output  
11 SG320-0K7GB-4T 2.5A 0-380/460VAC 0.75KW 185*125*159 540/650 2
12 SG320-1K5GB-4T 3.7A 0-380/460VAC 1.5KW 185*125*159 540/650 2
13 SG320-2K2GB-4T 5A 0-380/460VAC 2.2KW 185*125*159 540/650 2
14 SG320-4K0GB-4T 10A 0-380/460VAC 4.0KW 185*125*159 540/650 2.5
15 SG320--5K5GB-4T 13A 0-380/460VAC 5.5KW 245*150*177 540/650 3.5
16 SG320-7K5GB-4T 17A 0-380/460VAC 7.5KW 245*150*177 540/650 4
17 SG320-011GB-4T 25A 0-380/460VAC 11KW 247*160*178 540/650 5
18 SG320-015GB-4T 32A 0-380/460VAC 15KW 247*160*178 540/650 5
19 SG320-018GB-4T 37A 0-380/460VAC 18KW 335*217*190 540/650 10
20 SG320-022GB-4T 45A 0-380/460VAC 22KW 335*217*190 540/650 19
21 SG320-030GB-4T 60A 0-380/460VAC 30KW 463*285*225 540/650 19
22 SG320-037GB-4T 75A 0-380/460VAC 37KW 463*285*225 540/650 29
23 SG320-045GB-4T 90A 0-380/460VAC 45KW 600*385*270 540/650 29
24 SG320-055GB-4T 110A 0-380/460VAC 55KW 600*385*270 540/650 29
25 SG320-075GB-4T 150A 0-380/460VAC 75KW 600*385*270 540/650 43
26 SG320-090GB-4T 180A 0-380/460VAC 90KW 700*473*307 540/650 47
27 SG320-110GB-4T 220A 0-380/460VAC 110KW 700*473*307 540/650 90
28 SG320-132GB-4T 260A 0-380/460VAC 132KW 930*579*375 540/650 100
29 SG320-160GB-4T 320A 0-380/460VAC 160KW 930*579*375 540/650 130
30 SG320-**GB-4T ** 0-380/460VAC 200-400 ** 540/650 **



Technical specifications


Recommended MPPT voltage range Vmpp 131 to 350 VDC for 1S (80V to 350VDC input, 3PH 110 to 220VAC output)
Vmpp 280 to 375VDC for 2S ( 150V to 350VDC input, 3PH 220 to 240VAC output)
Vmpp 486 to 750 VDC for 4T ( 250V to 800VDC input, 3PH 380 to 460VAC output)
Recommended input voltage (Voc and Vmmp) Voc 180(VDC), Vmpp 155(VDC) for 1S model or 110V AC pumps
Voc 355(VDC), Vmpp 310(VDC) for 2S model or 220V AC pumps
Voc 620(VDC), Vmpp 540(VDC) for 4T model or 380V AC pumps
Motor type Control for permanent magnet servo motor and asynchronous motor pumps.
Input power DC power from solar arrays or AC grid power
Maximum DC power input 400VDC for 220AC output /800VDC for 380V AC output
Rated output voltage 3-phase , 110V/160V/220V. 3-phase, 220V/380V/480V
Output frequency range 0~50/60Hz
MPPT efficiency 97%,
Ambient temperature range (G-type inverter with submersible pumps, and P type for general pumps.
Solar pump control special performance MPPT ( maximum power point tracking), CVT (constant voltage tracking), auto/manual operation,
dry run protection, low stop frequency protection, minimum power input, motor maximum
current protection, flow calculating, energy generated calculating
Protection function Phase loss protection, phase short circuit protection , ground to phase circuit protection , input
and output short circuit protection. Stall protection
Protection degree IP20, Air force cooling
Running mode MPPT or CVT
Altitude Below 1000m; above 1000m, derated 1% for every additional 100m.



1. Q: Can I have sample before formal order?
A: Sure, it will be warmly welcomed.

2. Q: What's the warranty?
A: 18 months

3. Q: What's the delivery time?
A: Generally 5-15days against order quantity

4. Q: OEM is acceptable?
A: Yes, OEM is welcomed.
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Tel: +86-755-23283620

Whatsapp & Skype: +86 18719408744

Email: anna@zundrive.com

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