• 150V DC To 450V DC Or 220VAC Three Phase Output Mppt Solar Pump Inverter For Water Supply
150V DC To 450V DC Or 220VAC Three Phase Output Mppt Solar Pump Inverter For Water Supply

150V DC To 450V DC Or 220VAC Three Phase Output Mppt Solar Pump Inverter For Water Supply

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
Brand Name: ZK/ZUN
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: SU100

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Wooden case,Paper box
Delivery Time: 3-5work day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 8000pcs per months
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Detail Information

Output Voltage: 220VAC Input Voltage: 150V DC To 450V DC Or 220V±15% AC
Type: DC/AC Inverters Application: Water Supply
Storage Temperature: -30 ~+60℃ Output Frequency Accuracy: Max Frequency ±0.5%
Overload Capacity: G Type: 150% Rated Current/1 Min, 180% Rated Current/10s, 200% Rated Current/0.5s Motor Control Mode: V/F Without PG , VC Without PG , VC With PG

Product Description

150V DC To 450V DC Or 220VAC Three Phase Output Mppt Solar Pump Inverter For Water Supply


ZK SU100 series solar pumping inverter feature:


1.When the photovoltaic pump isrunning, you can check C-29 to confirmthe current operating status.


2.altitude ≤ 1000m,above 1000m down the rated amount,each increase of 100m down the rated mount of 1%;no condensation,ice,rain,snow,hail;solar radiation below 700W/㎡,air pressure 70-106 kPa.


3.Keyboard digital setting,keyboard potentiometer,Analog voltage/current terminal AI1AI2,Communication given and multi-channel terminal selection,Main and auxiliary channel combination,expansion card,supporting different modes switch.


4.Starting frequency:0.00~50.00Hz; Braking time:0.0~60.0s.


5.Plug and play, easy to install and operate.


6.Multiple function protection.


7.Outdoor working environment temperature:-10 ~ + 50 ℃, derating above 40 ℃, maximum temperature 60 ℃ (no-load operation)5% to 95% RH (non-condensing).


8.Overvoltage,under-voltage,current limit,over-current,overload,electric thermal relay,overheat,overvoltage stall,data protection,rapid speed protection,input/output phase failure protection.




150V DC To 450V DC Or 220VAC Three Phase Output Mppt Solar Pump Inverter For Water Supply 0


Specification and rated parameters



D1: General type:90V DC to 400V DC or
110V±15% AC, 50/60Hz
D2: General type:150V DC to 450V DC or
220V±15% AC, 50/60Hz
Inverter specification Current (A) Inverter Current (A)
SU100-D1-R75G-B 7 SU100-D2-R75G-B 4
SU100-D1-1R5G-B 10 SU100-D2-1R5G-B 7
  SU100-D2-2R2G-B 10
  SU100-D2-004G-B 16
D3: General type:250V DC to 750V DC or 380V±15% AC, 50/60Hz T3: General type:350V DC to 750V DC or 380V±15% AC, 50/60Hz
Inverter specification Current (A) Inverter specification Current (A)
SU100-D3-R75G-B 3 SU100-T3-037G 75
SU100-D3-1R5G-B 4 SU100-T3-045G 90
SU100-D3-2R2G-B 6 SU100-T3-055G 110
SU100-D3-004G-B 10 SU100-T3-075G 150
SU100-D3-5R5G-B 13 SU100-T3-090G 180
SU100-D3-7R5G-B 17 SU100-T3-110G 210
SU100-D3-011G-B 25 SU100-T3-132G 250
SU100-D3-015G-B 32 SU100-T3-160G 310
SU100-D3-018G-B 38    
SU100-D3-022G-B 45    
SU100-D3-030G 60    



Technology Specification




Power input

Voltage, frequency

D1: 90V DC to 400V DC or 110V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

D2:150V DC to 450V DC or 220V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

D3: 250V DC to 750V DC or 380V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

T3: 350V DC to 750V DC or 380V±15% AC, 50/60Hz

Allowable fluctuations

voltage unbalance rate:<3%; Frequency:±5%; aberration rate: as IEC61800-2 required

Power factor

≥0.94(with DC reactor)




Output voltage

Output under rated condition: 3 phase, 0~input voltage, inaccuracy<5%

Output frequency range

G type:0~600Hz

Output frequency accuracy

Max frequency ±0.5%

Overload capacity

G type: 150% rated current/1 min, 180% rated current/10s, 200% rated current/0.5s

Main control performance

Motor control mode

V/F without PG , VC without PG , VC with PG

Speed control range

Vector control without PG, rated load 1:100;Vector control with PG, rated load 1:1000;

Steady speed accuracy

VC without PG: ≤2% rated synchronized speed;

VC with PG: ≤0.05% rated synchronized speed

Starting torque

VC without PG: when 0.5Hz, 150% rated torque;

VC with PG: when 0Hz, 200% rated torque

Torque response

VC without PG: ≤20ms;

VC with PG: ≤10ms.

Frequency accuracy

Digit setting: max frequency×±0.01%;

Analog setting: max frequency×±0.2%

Frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz;

Analog setting: maximum frequency × 0.05%

product basic functions

DC braking capacity

Starting frequency:0.00~50.00Hz; Braking time:0.0~60.0s;

Braking current:0.0~150.0% rated current

Torque boost capacity

Auto torque upgrade 0.0%~100.0%;

Manual torque upgrade 0.0%~30.0%

V/F curve

4 modes: one linearity torque characteristic curve ,one self-setting V/F curve mode, one drop torque characteristic curve (1.1- 2.0 powers),and square V/F curve mode.

Acceleration/Deceleration curve

2 modes: linear Acceleration/Deceleration and S curve Acceleration/Deceleration.

4 sets of ACC/DEC, time unit 0.01s selectable, longest time: 650.00s.

Rated output voltage

Rely on power supply voltage compensate function, while motor rated voltage is 100%, set it at the range of 50-100%(output can not over input voltage).

Voltage auto-adjustment

While power supply voltage fluctuates, it can auto-keep constant output voltage.

Auto energy-saving running

While under V/F control mode, according to load situation, auto-optimize output voltage to save energy.

Standard functions

PID control, speed track, power off restart, jump frequency, upper/lower frequency limit control, program operation, multi- speed, RS485, analog output, frequency impulse output.

Frequency setting channels

Keyboard digital setting, keyboard potentiometer ,Analog voltage/current terminal AI1,AI2, Communication given and multi-channel terminal selection, Main and auxiliary channel combination, expansion card, supporting different modes switch.

Feedback input channel

Voltage/Current Terminal AI1, Voltage/Current Terminal AI12, Communication

given, pulse input X5.

Running command channel

Operation panel given,external terminal given, communication given, expansion card given.

Input command signal

Start, stop, FWD/REV, JOG, multi-step speed, reset, ACC/DEC time selection, frequency given channel selection, exterior fault alarm.

Protective function

Overvoltage, under-voltage, current limit, over-current, overload, electric thermal relay, overheat, overvoltage stall, data protection, rapid speed protection, input/output phase failure protection.


Install place

altitude ≤ 1000m,above 1000m down the rated amount, each increase of 100m down the rated mount of 1%;no condensation, ice ,rain, snow, hail; solar radiation below 700W/㎡, air pressure 70-106 kPa.

Temperature, humidity

-10 ~ + 50 ℃, derating above 40 ℃, maximum temperature 60 ℃ (no-load operation)5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)


When 9~200Hz, 5.9m/s2(0.6g)

Storage temperature

-30 ~+60℃

Protection grade


Cooling method

Forced air cooling



Input voltage, total power solar arrays selection


Input voltage, power solar arrays selection

Pumps model

Inverter models



Total Power of solar arrays

110VAC pumps




≧ (1.3 to 2.0) rated power
of pumps
It is also depend on the
quality of solar panels.The more power input,the better performance.

220VAC pumps




380VAC pumps




480VAC pumps

D5 ( Max




Although solar pump inverter built in high efficiency MPPT tracking arithmetic, up to 99.6% MPPT efficiency, but also need to consider many factors of solar radiation. It is no certain rules to determine exactly how many piece solar panels exactly input for system. If the output frequency can’t get to 50Hz/60Hz, please consider to connect more solar panels


Wiring mode of Electrical circuit:


The wiring mode of the control circuit of the frequency converter:

R, S and T terminals( R/L and T/N) used to connect AC grid powersupply 3phase 220v or 3 phase 380VAC input. And P and P- used to connect DC powersupply. P+ terminals must connect positive of DC solar power and P- (N) must connect negative of DC solar powersupply. Otherwise it will cause inverter damaged seriously.

The R and T terminals also can use to connect DC solar powersupply and no need to distinguish negative and positive

This inverter can compatible with connecting DC powersupply input and AC grid powersupply input at the same time. But please connect a backward diode between P and P- (N) and inverter which use to prevent current forward to solar panels and damaged solar panels.

When connecting both AC grid and DC solar powertogether, the inverter drawing power as according to which side power voltage is higher


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