• 23A-357A Medium Voltage Inverter Variable Frequency Drives For Mining Industry
23A-357A Medium Voltage Inverter Variable Frequency Drives For Mining Industry

23A-357A Medium Voltage Inverter Variable Frequency Drives For Mining Industry

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZK/ZUN
Certification: CE
Model Number: SD3000

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Package
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 units per month
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Detail Information

Name: Medium High Voltage Inverter Voltage: 1100V 3300V 6000V 10KV
Power: 37kw-5000kw Current: 23A-357A
Color: White Inverter Type: Medium High Voltage Vfd
Certificate: CE
High Light:

357A Medium Voltage Inverter


SD3000 Medium Voltage Inverter


660v Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives

Product Description

660v 1100v 3300v 6600v Medium Voltage Inverter Vfd Vsd For Mining Industry



Medium Voltage Drive Description


Medium Voltage Vfd  are widely used in mining industry coal mining machine, continuous mining machine, shuttle car, conveyor, hoist, winch, emulsion pump, submersible pump, mine fan, water pump and other equipment. Furthermore, it has many functional features, such as excellent medium voltage drive performance, synchronized multi - function balance, low-frequency high-torque smooth start, improving self-learning and so on.


The advantage of Medium VFDs driving:

1) Simple structure and small size;

2) Compared with the two levels, the device can achieve 2 times the voltage output with the same voltage level;

3) Reduce the common mode voltage of the motor;

4) Reduce common mode interference to the power grid;

5) It is convenient to realize the two-way flow of energy and the four-quadrant operation of the motor;

6) The output du/dt is reduced by half compared to the two levels;

7) Compared with the two levels, the number of phase voltage output levels increases and the output harmonics decrease.

8)Significant energy savings

9)The constant current automatic control

10)Low torque pulse

11)Soft start


1). Substantial reduction of harmonic current on power source side

2). Total inverter effi ciency as high as approximate 97%

3). Source power factor as high as 95% or more

4). High-reliability

5). Vector control

6). Easy maintenance




Medium voltage drive suitable applications such as Centrifugal pumps, fans, and compressors, screw compressors, blowers, refiners, mixers, extruders, belt conveyors, mill pressers, kilns, mills, hot gas expanders, etc.


Technical Specifications

Items Specification
Control Control mode V/F control Sensorless Vector control 1 Sensorless Vector control 2 Close loop vector control
Mode Starting torque 1Hz 150% 0.5Hz 150% 0.25Hz 150% 180% under 0Hz
Speed adjust range ** 1:50 0.180555556 0.388888889
speed stabilizing ±0.1% ±0.3% ±0.05% ±0.02%
Torque precision NO NO Yes Yes
Motor type General induction motor,permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
Function Output volage 3 electric level with low harmonic
Highest frequency General vector control :400Hz V/f control:4000Hz
frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01Hz analog setting: maximum×0.025%
carrier frequency 0.5K~16KHz, the carrier frequency can be adjust by temperature automatically
Frequency reference setting method Digital of Control panel, analog AI1, AI2, potentionmeter of control panel, UP/DN control, communication, PLC pulse frequency
Accel./decel. characteristic Linear curve and S curve accel. /decel. mode, range of time: 0.0 to 65000S.
V/F curve 3 mode: linear, multiple points, N Power
V/F separation 2 times separation: totally separation, half separation
DC braking DC braking frequency: 0.0 to 300Hz, DC braking current: 0.0% to 100%
Braking unit Built in braking unit up to 15kw, optional is 18.5kw to 75kw, external built in for above 93kw.
Jog function Job frequency range: 0.0 to 50.0Hz, the accel. and decel. time of Jog
Configuration PID Easy to perform pressure, flow, temperature close loop control
PLC multiple speed To achieve 16 segment speed running through built in PLC or terminal control
Common Dc bus * Multiple inverters use one DC bus for energy balance.
Auto voltage regulation (AVR) Enable to keep output voltage constant when grid fluctuation
Over load tolerance capability G type model: 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s,
P type Model: 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 3s.
stall control when over current, over voltage Carry out limiting automation for running current, voltage to prevent over current, over voltage frequently
Fast current limit function minimize the IGBT module broken to protect the inverter, maximum reduce the over current fault.
Torque limit and torque control "Excavator" characteristics , torque limit automatically during motor running. Torque control is available in close loop vector control mode.


Model List


SD3000 series 1140V VFD model list
Series Model list Rated Power Input current Output current Input reactor DC Reactor Output Reactor
1 SD3000-37G-T11-ASDA 37 20 23   7.3mh/ 25A 1mh/25A
2 SD3000-45G-T11-ASDA 45 26 28   5.6mh/ 32A 0.8mh/28A
3 SD3000-55G-T11-ASDA 55 34 36   4.2mh/ 42A 0.62mh/36A
4 SD3000-75G-T11-ASDA 55 47 50   3mh/ 58A 0.45mh/50A
5 SD3000-90G-T11-ASDA 90 56 60   2.6mh/ 69A 0.38mh/60A
6 SD3000-110G-T11-ASDA 110 68 73   2.2mh/ 85A 0.3mh/73A
7 SD3000-132G-T11-ASDA 132 82 85   1.78mh/100A 0.26mh/85A
8 SD3000-160G-T11-ASDA 160 98 104   1.5mh/ 120A 0.22mh/104A
9 SD3000-200G-T11-ASDA 200 122 128   1.2mh/ 150A 170mh/128A
10 SD3000-250G-T11-ASDA 250 150 160   0.97mh/ 185A 140mh/160A
11 SD3000-315G-T11-ASDA 315 185 195   0.79mh/ 230A 115mh/195A
12 SD3000-400G-T11-ASDA 400 235 250   0.62mh/ 285A 90mh/250A
13 SD3000-500G-T11-ASDA 500 300 310   0.5mh/ 370A 72mh/310A
14 SD3000-560G-T11-ASDA 560 355 350 0.22mh/ 355A   64mh/350A
15 SD3000-630G-T11-ASDA 630 380 395 0.19mh/ 380A   57mh/395A
16 SD3000-710G-T11-ASDA 710 430 450 0.17mh/ 430A   50mh/450A
17 SD3000-800G-T11-ASDA 800 480 500 0.15mh/ 480A   45mh/500A
18 SD3000-1000G-T11-ASDA 1000 600 520 0.12mh/ 600A   36mh/620A
SD3000 series 3300V VFD model list
Series Model list Rated Power Input current Output current Input reactor Output Reactor  
1 SD3000-800G-T33-ASDA 800 166 173 1.2mH/170A 0.6h/180A  
2 SD3000-1000G-T33-ASDA 1000 208 216 1mH/210A 0.48h/220A  
3 SD3000-1250G-T33-ASDA 1250 259 270 0.8mH/260A 0.39h/270A  
4 SD3000-1500G-T33-ASDA 1500 311 324 0.67mH/320A 0.32h/320A  
5 SD3000-2000G-T33-ASDA 2000 415 433 0.5mH/420A 0.24h/420A  
6 SD3000-3000G-T33-ASDA 3000 623 649 0.34mH/630A 0.16h/630A  
SD3000 series 6600V VFD model list
Series Model list Rated Power Input current Output current Input reactor Output Reactor  
1 SD3000-1000G-T66-ASDA 1000 91 95 4mH/100A 2mH/100A  
2 SD3000-1500G-T66-ASDA 1500 114 119 3.3mH/120A 1.6mH/120A  
3 SD3000-2000G-T66-ASDA 2000 143 149 2.7mH/150A 1.3mH/150A  
4 SD3000-2500G-T66-ASDA 2500 171 178 2.2mH/180A 1mH/180A  
5 SD3000-3000G-T66-ASDA 3000 228 238 1.7mH/240A 0.8mH/240A  
6 SD3000-5000G-T66-ASDA 5000 342 357 1.1mH/360A 0.6mH/360A  




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