• 1.1KV 3.3KV 6.6KV Medium Voltage Inverter VFD Frequency Inverter
1.1KV 3.3KV 6.6KV Medium Voltage Inverter VFD Frequency Inverter

1.1KV 3.3KV 6.6KV Medium Voltage Inverter VFD Frequency Inverter

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen China
Brand Name: ZK/ZUN
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: SD3000

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Package
Delivery Time: 3-7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 6000 units per month
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Detail Information

Name: Medium Voltage Inverter Voltage: 660V 1100V 3300V 6000V 10KV
Power: 37kw-5000kw Current: 23A-357A
Color: White Inverter Type: Medium Voltage Vfd
Certificate: CE ISO HMI: 10' Touch Screen
High Light:

6.6KV Medium Voltage Inverter


3.3KV Medium Voltage Inverter


1.1KV VFD Frequency Inverter

Product Description

660V 1.1KV 3.3KV 6.6KV 37KW 110KW 250KW Medium Voltage VFD Frequency Inverter


ZUN/ZK SD3000 series Medium Voltage VFD



SD3000 Medium/ high voltage inverter is a series of high reliability products designed by Shenzhen ZK. on the basis of many years of research, product development and application of power electronics and power transmission technology, and using the most advanced flux optimized space vector sine wave SPWM control technology. The voltage grade of SD3000 high voltage frequency converter covers 660v/1.1kv/3.3kv/6kv/6.6kv/10kv/11kv, etc


Main application fields:


1. Power industry: feed pump, primary air fan, forced draft fan, exhaust fan, mortar pump, circulating pump, additional pump, etc;

Metallurgical Industry: mud pump, induced draft fan, phosphorus removal pump, ventilation fan, dust removal fan, centrifugal feed pump, blast furnace blower, etc;


2. Petrochemical Industry: water injection pump, induced draft fan, extrusion pump, electric submersible pump, main pipeline pump, gas compression pump, boiler feed pump, etc;


3. Water treatment industry: purification pump, clean water pump, booster pump, sewage pump, etc;


4. Cement industry: high temperature fan, kiln tail fan, kiln head fan, circulating fan, coal mill fan, exhaust fan, Roots fan, etc;


5. Nonferrous Industry: ID fan, mother liquor pump, seed pump, underflow pump, dissolution pump, feeding pump, etc;


6. Chemical industry: boiler blower, boiler induced draft fan, boiler water supply pump, condensate pump, slag flushing pump, mortar pump, etc;

Wood manufacturing industry: circulating fan, drying fan, induced draft fan, etc;




Input Voltage range 6kV(-20%~+15%),10kV(-20%~+15%)
Frequency range 50/60Hz±10%
Output output voltage 0~6kV,0~10kV
Output frequency and accuracy 0~50/60Hz, 0.01Hz
Output waveform Multilevel PWM sine wave,THD < 4%
Specification efficiency Inverter efficiency at rated load > 98.5%, and overall efficiency including transformer > 97%
power factor whole speed regulation range > 0.95, rated load>0.97
Overload capacity 110% long-term stable operation, 120% / 1min, 150% / 2S, 160% immediate protection
Allowable power down time of power supply 200ms, longer under light load
Mean time between failures >100000h
Control Control mode Flux optimized space vector PWM control
Acceleration / deceleration time 1-3600S
Digital input / output 11 channels / 10 channels
Analog input 4 channels (0-5V, 4 ~ 20mA optional)
Analog Output 3 channels (0-10V, 4 ~ 20mA optional)
Communication RS485,Modbus protocol , PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet and other interfaces optional
Control power supply Single phase 220V AC, 5kVA
Excitation control
(special for synchronizer)
Control mode Frequency converter automatic excitation regulation, manual excitation regulation, multi-stage speed excitation regulation and external excitation regulation
Environment Application site Indoor, no explosive or corrosive gas, no conductive dust, no oil mist
Ambient temperature 0~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Ambient humidity <90%(no condensation)
Altitude < 1000m, if it is higher than 1000m, the amount shall be reduced
Other Protection function Overcurrent, overload, short circuit, three-phase current imbalance, instantaneous power loss, input and output phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, body overheating, transformer overheating, external fault shutdown, and automatic bypass of power unit
Cooling mode Forced air cooling, with cooling fan
Display 10 inch HMI
Degree of protection IP31
Noise <75dB(A)

Model List


SD3000 series 1140V VFD model list
Series Model list Rated Power Input current Output current Input reactor DC Reactor Output Reactor
1 SD3000-37G-T11-ASDA 37 20 23   7.3mh/ 25A 1mh/25A
2 SD3000-45G-T11-ASDA 45 26 28   5.6mh/ 32A 0.8mh/28A
3 SD3000-55G-T11-ASDA 55 34 36   4.2mh/ 42A 0.62mh/36A
4 SD3000-75G-T11-ASDA 55 47 50   3mh/ 58A 0.45mh/50A
5 SD3000-90G-T11-ASDA 90 56 60   2.6mh/ 69A 0.38mh/60A
6 SD3000-110G-T11-ASDA 110 68 73   2.2mh/ 85A 0.3mh/73A
7 SD3000-132G-T11-ASDA 132 82 85   1.78mh/100A 0.26mh/85A
8 SD3000-160G-T11-ASDA 160 98 104   1.5mh/ 120A 0.22mh/104A
9 SD3000-200G-T11-ASDA 200 122 128   1.2mh/ 150A 170mh/128A
10 SD3000-250G-T11-ASDA 250 150 160   0.97mh/ 185A 140mh/160A
11 SD3000-315G-T11-ASDA 315 185 195   0.79mh/ 230A 115mh/195A
12 SD3000-400G-T11-ASDA 400 235 250   0.62mh/ 285A 90mh/250A
13 SD3000-500G-T11-ASDA 500 300 310   0.5mh/ 370A 72mh/310A
14 SD3000-560G-T11-ASDA 560 355 350 0.22mh/ 355A   64mh/350A
15 SD3000-630G-T11-ASDA 630 380 395 0.19mh/ 380A   57mh/395A
16 SD3000-710G-T11-ASDA 710 430 450 0.17mh/ 430A   50mh/450A
17 SD3000-800G-T11-ASDA 800 480 500 0.15mh/ 480A   45mh/500A
18 SD3000-1000G-T11-ASDA 1000 600 520 0.12mh/ 600A   36mh/620A
SD3000 series 3300V VFD model list
Series Model list Rated Power Input current Output current Input reactor Output Reactor  
1 SD3000-800G-T33-ASDA 800 166 173 1.2mH/170A 0.6h/180A  
2 SD3000-1000G-T33-ASDA 1000 208 216 1mH/210A 0.48h/220A  
3 SD3000-1250G-T33-ASDA 1250 259 270 0.8mH/260A 0.39h/270A  
4 SD3000-1500G-T33-ASDA 1500 311 324 0.67mH/320A 0.32h/320A  
5 SD3000-2000G-T33-ASDA 2000 415 433 0.5mH/420A 0.24h/420A  
6 SD3000-3000G-T33-ASDA 3000 623 649 0.34mH/630A 0.16h/630A  
SD3000 series 6600V VFD model list
Series Model list Rated Power Input current Output current Input reactor Output Reactor  
1 SD3000-1000G-T66-ASDA 1000 91 95 4mH/100A 2mH/100A  
2 SD3000-1500G-T66-ASDA 1500 114 119 3.3mH/120A 1.6mH/120A  
3 SD3000-2000G-T66-ASDA 2000 143 149 2.7mH/150A 1.3mH/150A  
4 SD3000-2500G-T66-ASDA 2500 171 178 2.2mH/180A 1mH/180A  
5 SD3000-3000G-T66-ASDA 3000 228 238 1.7mH/240A 0.8mH/240A  
6 SD3000-5000G-T66-ASDA 5000 342 357 1.1mH/360A 0.6mH/360A  


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