• SG600 MPPT Solar Pump Inverter Low Voltage AC Drive for submercible Pool Pumps
SG600 MPPT Solar Pump Inverter Low Voltage AC Drive for submercible Pool Pumps

SG600 MPPT Solar Pump Inverter Low Voltage AC Drive for submercible Pool Pumps

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZK
Certification: CE IEC
Model Number: SG600-2S

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 70usd to 2000usd
Packaging Details: paper cartons package
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 5000pcs per month
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Detail Information

Ac Grid Voltge: 110V 220V Rated Current: 3.7A 7A 10A, 17A
MPPT Efficiency: Above 99.7% 1 Phase Pump: Submercible Pumps Pool Pupms
Proteciton For Pump: Over Voltage, Over Current Under Voltage And Low Speed Remote Working: Vis GPRS Or Wifi
Gurantee: 18 Months
High Light:

SG600 MPPT Solar Pump Inverter


Submercible MPPT Solar Pump Inverter


MPPT Low Voltage AC Drive

Product Description

SG600 solar pump inverter MPPT for 1 phase pump control, pool pumps drive

The SG600 mini series solar pump inverter is a low voltage AC drive of 0.3 to 7.5 KW above rating designed to operate with energy drawn from solar panel or photovoltaic cells (PV).

The inverter is customized to operate in dual supply mode (AC and DC), so the grid connected supply is used in the absence of energy from PV cells. This inverters functions with the latest in technology maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm to derive maximum power from the PV cells at any instant.

  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) withfast speed drop function
  • The working voltage of solar panel can set by manual or MPPT automatically tracking
  • Built in automatic sleep-wake up function, start by timer is option.
  • Dry run (under load ) protection and well low level detect functio
  • Motor maximum current protection
  • Lowest stop frequency protection
  • The PQ (power/flow) performance curve enables calculating the flow output from the pump
  • Digital control for fully automatic operation, data storage and protective functions
  • Intelligent power module (IPM) for the main circuit
  • LCD and LED display
  • Low water probe sensor, and water level control function
  • Driving for 1 phase pump
  • Soft start for 1 phase AC pumps
  • Lots of pumps protection
  • suits for most 1 phase pool pumps or submiersible pumps

Excellent hardware desing


Excellent hardware design .
Ti ‘s 32 bit DSP ( 28034/35), Germany Infineon intelligent modules;
Enhanded and 4 layer PCB design PCB wire corssing
Low temperature rising design with delta fans
Good quality components selecting,
Independent cooling duct for lower temperature rising.

SG600 MPPT Solar Pump Inverter Low Voltage AC Drive for submercible Pool Pumps 0

Solar pump inverter technical specification


SG600 mini Solar pump inverter specification when PE-00=1&2
Recommended MPPT voltage range

Vmp 131 to 350 VDC for 1s 3 phase 110VAC pumps

Vmp 260 to 355VDC for 2S 3 phase 220VAc pumps

Vmp 486 to 650 VDC for 4T 3 phase 380VAc pums

Recommended input Voc and Vmpp voltage

Voc 180(VDC), Vmpp 155(VDC) for 1S model or 110V AC pumps

Voc 380(VDC), Vmpp 310(VDC) for 2S model or 220V AC pumps

Motor type Control for permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor pumps.
Rated output voltage 1/3-Phase,110V/160V/220V.
Output frequency range 0~maximum frequency 600Hz.
MPPT efficiency Above 99.6%,
Ambient temperature range

G-type for submersible pumps, 150% rated current for 60s, 180% rated current for 2s .

P type for general pumps, 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 2s

Solar pump control special performance MPPT ( maximum power point tracking), CVT (constant voltage tracking), auto/manual operation, dry run protection, low stop frequency protection, minimum power input, motor maximum current protection, flow calculating, energy generated calculating and water tank level detected
Protection function Phase loss protection, phase short circuit protection, ground to phase circuit protection , input and output short circuit protection. Stall protection, lightning protection
Protection degree IP20, Air force cooling
Running mode MPPT or CVT
Altitude Below 1000m; above 1000m, derated 1% for every additional 100m.
Enhanced version of AC drive CE, Design based on vector control motor AC drive, more specification please refer to S600 or S600 vector control drive operation manual

Solar pump inverter models list

N Models Rate current Output voltage ( 3PH VAC)
Mini type 2S series : 90/150 to 450 VDC or 220VAC input,Vmp 310V, Voc 380V
1 SG600-0K7GB-2S-M 3.8A 0-220VAC
2 SG600-1K5GB-2S-M 7A 0-220VAC
3 SG600-2K2GB-2S-M 10A 0-220VAC
4 SG600-4K0GB-2S 17A 0-220VAC


Solar pump inverter comissioning steps

It is accepted dual power AC/DC mode connecting input. If connect AC and DC at the same time, please install a anti direction diode (protection diode) between inverter and soalr panels which used to protection solar panels safety.

User can able to install a power switchover to selection which mode power input as conditions.


1. Wiring DC power supply to R, T terminals of inverter. ( or connect P P- termianls as well)

2.Check actual Voc ( open loop circuit voltage) of solar arrays by multi-meter, or monitor U012 parameters that display Voc value in keypad. Set PE-03 with actual Voc value.

3. Set P1-00 to P1-05 motor group parameters for getting better pumps protection.

4. Press the RUN button to start inverter (keypad control mode is in default setting, P0-02=0),to check output frequency, output voltage if good or not. The output frequency should be increase from 0 to 50/60hz, and output voltage should be balanced when frequency reach to rated frequency of pumps.

5.If output frequency and output voltage is normal, please stop inverter, and then switch off power, after that connect pump to U, V, W of inverter. ( connect U, W for 1 phase pumps).


Solar panels   selection ( voltage and how many PCS of solar panels) 


Voc and Vmp selecting er pumps voltage.

Input voltage, power solar arrays selection
Pumps model Inverte models Vmp Voc Total Power of solar arrays
110VAC pumps 1S 110*1.41=155VDC 190VDC

≧ (1.3 to 2.0) rated power of pumps

It is also depend on the quality of solar panels. The more power input, the better performance.

220VAC pumps 2S 220*1.41=310VDC 372VDC

Solar arrays selection tables as 1 phase 220V AC pumps.

Connecting solar panels in series to get enough voltage input, and then calculating how much strings for getting enough power.

Take a solar panels Voc38VDC, Vmp 31VDC, 265W for exampling.

Please check if enough DC voltage input for system, Voc and Vmp. 2S (310vmp), 380V (540vmp).

If the output frequency is not high, lower than 50/60Hz even in good sunlight radiation, please check if enough solar panels have been connected. The total power should be at least bigger 1.3 times than of rated power of pumps.

Solar panel spec.:265w, 38Voc (Open circuit voltage), 31Vmp ( Voltage at Pmax)
Inverter models Power of pump Connection in series (PCS) (Vmp) Connect in parallel ( Strings) Power Total (PCS)
1S (110VAC) 0.75kw to 1.0kw 4 or 5 PCS 1* strings 5*1=5
2S (220VAC) 0.75kw to 1.5kw 10PCS 1* strings 10*1=10
2S (220VAC), Max 450vdc 2.2kw 11PCS 1* strings 11*1=11

Special notes for driivng 1 phase pumps

SG600 MPPT Solar Pump Inverter Low Voltage AC Drive for submercible Pool Pumps 1

Solar pumps system applicatoons

SG600 MPPT Solar Pump Inverter Low Voltage AC Drive for submercible Pool Pumps 2




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