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FUJI IGBT 3Phase Hybrid Solar Pump Inverter For DC Powered Irrigation System

Product Details

Place of Origin: CHINA

Brand Name: ZK ZUN

Certification: CE

Model Number: SG600-7K5GB-4T-D

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

Price: USD 178 Piece

Packaging Details: 315*235*253mm Carton

Delivery Time: 5-8 working days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability: 500 Piece per day

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Product Details
High Light:

FUJI IGBT Hybrid Solar Pump Inverter


3Phase Hybrid Solar Pump Inverter


ZUN 3 Phase Solar Pump Controller

380V 440V
50Hz 60Hz
Control Mode:
V/F, Vector Control
Motor Type:
380V 440V
50Hz 60Hz
Control Mode:
V/F, Vector Control
Motor Type:
Product Description

7.5kw 380V FUJI IGBT 3 Phase Pump Inverter For DC Powered Irrigation System




Solar pumping system converts solar energy directly into electric energy, and then drives motors to drive water pumps to pump water from deep wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources. The system consists of solar panels, solar pump inverter and water pump.

Solar pump inverter, also called solar variable frequency drive, converts the direct current of solar panel into alternating current, thereby driving various AC motor water pumps (centrifugal pump, irrigation pump, deep well water pump, swimming pool pump, etc.), the input can be the solar DC power supply (DC60-450VDC;DC 150V-450V, DC 250V-780V), also can be single phase or three phase AC power supply (AC110VAC,AC 220V, 380V, 460VAC), built-in MPPT control system to maximize the output power of the PV array, is very suitable for use in remote and dry areas.


Solar pump inverter, also named solar variable frequency drive (VFD): electrical energy from photovoltaic solar panels to drive AC motor water pumps.
1. Internal with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller system, it can track maximum power of solar panels, and effective to increase the output power of the solar panels.
2. Implement work throughout the day. It can work from sunrise to sunset, greatly improving the water pump effective working hours a day.
3. Automatically adapt to changes and cloudy weather. Effectively avoid the traditional pump suddenly overcast, the system will stop phenomenon.
4. System has strong anti-jamming capability, in the depth of 200 meters, the system can still be reliable work.


FUJI IGBT 3Phase Hybrid Solar Pump Inverter For DC Powered Irrigation System 0



Descriptions and Features
1. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with fast response speed and stable operation efficiency> 99.6%
2. Suits for most 3 phase AC pumps and AC PMSM high efficiency pumps
3. The working voltage of solar panel can set by manual or MPPT automatically tracking
4. Compatible with dual power input, AC grid and DC power supply input
5. Built in automatic sleep-wake up function
6. The PQ (power/flow) performance curve enables calculating the flow output from the pump
7. Digital control for fully automatic operation, data storage and protective functions
8. LED display operating panel and support remote control,LCD display coming soon.
9. Low water probe sensor, and water level control function.


Solar Pump Inverter System Advantages

1.Grid and solar energy can switch, when power grid is not stable or power cut you could change to solar energy for supply power.

2.The solar pump inverter can solve the problems of the traditional power instability or power can't reach area with water problems.

3.Simple installation, intelligent operation.

4.Investment cost, use cost and maintenance cost are very low.

5.Do not need equipped with battery, cost savings, more environmental protection.

6.Environmental protection, realize CO2 zero carbon emissions.




1.Ground water lowering,

2.Irrigation systems

3.Industrial Application

4.Drip irrigation& sprinkler

5.Tank/ cistern filling

6.Wildlife refuge

7.Rural water supply for ranches, cabins, and cottages





Rate current

Output voltage ( 3PH VAC)

Applicable for pumps

MPPT voltage (VDC)

General type: 2T series 150 to 450 VDC or 200 to 240VAC input, Voc 350VDC/336VDC
7 SG600-0K7GB-2S 4A 220V/240V 0.75KW 260 to 375
8 SG600-1K5GB-2S-D 7A 220V/240V 1.5KW 260 to 375
9 SG600-2K2GB-2S-D 10A 220V/240V 2.2KW 260 to 375
10 SG600-4K0GB-2S-D 16A 220V/240V 4.0KW 260 to 375
General type: 350 to 800 VDC or 300 to 440VAC input, Voc 540VDC/616VDC
11 SG600-0K7GB-4T 2.5A 380V-440V 0.75KW 486 to 750
12 SG600-1K5GB-4T 3.7A 380V-440V 1.5KW 486 to 750
13 SG600-2K2GB-4T 5A 380V-440V 2.2KW 486 to 750
14 SG600-4K0GB-4T-D 10A 380V-440V 4.0KW 486 to 750
15 SG600--5K5GB-4T-D 13A 380V-440V 5.5KW 486 to 750
16 SG600-7K5GB-4T-D 17A 380V-440V 7.5KW 486 to 750




Q1:What's the delivery time?
A1:3-5 days for sample order;10-25 days for bulk order.


Q2:What's the warranty?



Q3:How to choose suitable converter for machine ?

A3: Please send us your motor details, we will select you most suitable model.


Q4: Can I customize the product?

A4: Yes,we can print your Logo,customize your package,and Special function inverter.


Q5: Do you support OEM service ?

A5: Yes,please send us more details.


Q6: Do you have any MOQ limit?

A6:1 pc for sample is available.