• Solar Pump Project 380V 440V 11KW 15A 15HP MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter
Solar Pump Project 380V 440V 11KW 15A 15HP MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter

Solar Pump Project 380V 440V 11KW 15A 15HP MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZK ZUN
Certification: CE IEC ISO
Model Number: SG600-011GB-4T

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: USD 230-240 per piece
Packaging Details: Carton box with flim
Delivery Time: 5-9days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union,, D/P
Supply Ability: 2000pcs per week
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Detail Information

Inverter Name: Solar VFD MPPT Efficiency: 99.5%
Input Dc Ac Voltage: 250-800VDC Or 380V/440VAC Output Power: 3phase 0-440VAC
Rated Power: 11KW 25A Protection: Dry Run, Full Tank Detect
Materials: IGBT Module Not Sigle Tube LED LCD Display: LCD Is Optional

Product Description

Solar Pump Project 380V 440V 11KW 15A 15HP MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter

ZK SG600 series solar water pump VFD/Inverter drives well all kind of pump in solar pumping system:


  • MPPT efficiency more than 99%.

  • Drives well all kind of water pump in solar water pumping system. (AM and PMSM).

  • MPPT automatically tracking the DC bus voltage, can be set manuel too

  • Dry run protection and full water tank detect

  • Motor maximum current protection

  • Low input power protection

  • Lowest stop frequency protection

  • The PQ (power/flow) performance curve enables calculating the flow output from the pump

  • Digital control for fully automatic operation, data storage and protective functions

  • Intelligent power module (IPM) for the main circuit

  • LED display, contact us for LCD display

  • Low water probe sensor, and water level control function

  • Using Ambient temperature: -10 to +50˚C.


How to select the solar panels? Please refer the input voltage and power rate:


Input voltage, power solar selection
Pumps model Inverte models Vmp Voc Total Power of solar arrays
110VAC pump 1S (for 110V) 130VDC 156VDC

≧ (1.3 to 2.0) rated power of Pump

It is also depend on the quality of solar panels. The higher the power input, performance will be better

220VAC pump 2S (for 220V) 310VDC 372VDC
380VAC pump 4T (for 380V) 540VDC 648VDC


Inverter Specifications:


Model 2S 220V Single phase
e.g. SG600-2K2GB-2S
2S 220V 3phase
e.g. SG600-2K2GB-2S
4T 380/440V 3phase
e.g. SG600-2K2GB-4T
AC input voltage (Vac) 220VAC ±15% 380VAC ±15%
Rated power (KW) 0.75KW to 4KW 0.75KW to 75KW 0.75KW to 280KW
Max. DC input voltage (Vdc) 440 440 800
Start-up voltage (V) 200 200 300
Lowest working voltage (V) 150 150 250
Recommended DC input voltage range (V) 200~400 260~400 486~750
Recommended Vmp (V) 310  310 540
Recommended Voc (V) 372 372 648
Rated output voltage (V) 220 1PHASE 220 3PHASE 380 3PHASE
Output frequency range (Hz) 0~50/60hz (0-600HZ for PMSM)
Running mode MPPT, CVT, VF
MPPT 99%
Protection function Dry run, fulll tank detect, over current... more than 20 pro
Remote controller GPRS remote controller is optional
Installation manner Wall mounting /Rail mounting /Flange mounting
Environment temperature -10~+50℃
Altitude Below 1000m, If above 1000m, derate 1% for every additional 100m.
Cooling manner Fan cooling
Protection level IP20; (IP54 isoptional)

Model number selection:


SN Models Rate current Output voltage ( 3PH VAC) Applicable for pumps MPPT voltage (Recommend VDC)
General type: 2S series 150 to 450 VDC or 200 to 240VAC input, Voc 450VDC/336VDC
(90-450VDC input for 220V 2.2KW, can drives well the 96V/110V pmsm pump)
1 SG600-0K7GB-2S 4A 220V/240V 0.75KW 260 to 400
2 SG600-1K5GB-2S 7A 220V/240V 1.5KW 260 to 400
3 SG600-2K2GB-2S 10A 220V/240V 2.2KW 260 to 400
4 SG600-4K0GB-2S 16A 220V/240V 4.0KW 260 to 400
  SG600-**GB-2S ** 220V/240V 5.5KW-75KW 260 to 400
General type: 4T series 250 to 900 VDC or 300 to 440VAC input, Voc 540VDC/616VDC
5 SG600-0K7GB-4T 2.5A 380V-440V 0.75KW 486 to 750
6 SG600-1K5GB-4T 3.7A 380V-440V 1.5KW 486 to 750
7 SG600-2K2GB-4T 5A 380V-440V 2.2KW 486 to 750
8 SG600-4K0GB-4T 10A 380V-440V 4.0KW 486 to 750
9 SG600--5K5GB-4T 13A 380V-440V 5.5KW 486 to 750
10 SG600-7K5GB-4T 17A 380V-440V 7.5KW 486 to 750
11 SG600-011GB-4T 22A 380V-440V 11KW 486 to 750
12 SG600-015GB-4T 30A 380V-440V 15KW 486 to 750
13 SG600-018GB-4T 37A 380V-440V 18KW 486 to 750
14 SG600-022GB-4T 45A 380V-440V 22KW 486 to 750
15 SG600-030GB-4T 60A 380V-440V 30KW 486 to 750
16 SG600-037GB-4T 75A 380V-440V 37KW 486 to 750
17 SG600-045GB-4T 91A 380V-440V 45KW 486 to 750
18 SG600-055GB-4T 110A 380V-440V 55KW 486 to 750
19 SG600-075GB-4T 150A 380V-440V 75KW 486 to 750
20 SG600-090GB-4T 180A 380V-440V 90KW 486 to 750
21 SG600-110GB-4T 220A 380V-440V 110KW 486 to 750
22 SG600-132GB-4T 260A 380V-440V 132KW 486 to 750
23 SG600-160GB-4T 320A 380V-440V 160KW 486 to 750
24 SG600-**GB-4T ** 380V-440V 200-280KW 486 to 750

Solar Pump Project 380V 440V 11KW 15A 15HP MPPT VFD Solar Pump Inverter 0
Q1 : What is the solar water pumping Inverter?
ZK Solar pump inverter drives well all kind of water pump including single phase pump and PMSM in solar pumping system, solar DC and Grid AC input. MPPT efficiency more than 99%.
Q2: What should be noticed when installing inverter?
Install the Inverter in a place where is well ventilate,cool, dry and water-proof. long services life.

Q3: Do we need to set the parameter before using ?

Our inverter is AI intelligent working, can automatic tracking the DC bus voltage.
You can set parameters if you want other functions like Dry run, full tank detect.
Q4:Where is your factory located?
Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China, most welcome to visit us. We can pick up you from the Shenzhen Airport or High Speed Rail Station to our factory.
Q5:What is the supply capacity of your factory?
9000pcs inverters can be produced every month.
Export 7000-9000pcs inverters every month, to Thailand, India, Pakistan, the Middle East like Syria, Saudi, Yemen, Turkey, Egypt... All African and South America like Mexico, Brazil.
Sample be delivery around 3-5days, bulk order around 10-30 days.
Support OEM & ODM!

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